Dimitolo Aircraft Technology s.r.l.

Non metallic raw materials

More and more stringent requirements, in terms of resistance, weight and stability are required in the aeronautical sector. Dimitolo Aircraft Technology S.r.l. has made careful analysis to find qualified suppliers able to provide suitable innovative material including:

Composites materials

  • Foam Cores: composed by air( 50-96%) and expanded foam and characterized by elevated mechanical properties and light weight; it can be 50% lighter than conventional structures when assembled in a sandwich structure.
    Properties: very low specific weight, use reduction of raw materials, high fatigue strength, excellent chemical resistance, highly heat and fire-resistant.
  • Balsa Cores: made of natural material (balsa wood), the sandwich structure is particularly light and strong, it also presents excellent physical properties being cut right-angled to the fiber direction.
    Properties: elevated rigidity, excellent resistance to humidity, operating temperature -212°C/+163°C, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

These products are suitable for many aeronautical applications, renewable energy, transport and interior finishing.



  • Kevlar
  • Nomex
  • Aramide
  • Supplied in: sheets

Fiber Glass

  • Supplied in: sheets with ASTM specification


  • Supplied in: sheets, plates with MS, L-P specifications

Phenolic Cotton

  • Supplied in: sheets with MIL-I-24768 specification

PTFE (Teflon)

  • Supplied in: plates, sleeves, bushings, conduit
  • Applicable specifications: AMS; ABS; ASN; LN; MS; NSA;
  • In particular sheet ASN-A 36348700

Synthetic Rubber

  • Supplied in: sheets, tapes
  • Applicable specifications: AMS, MIL-R specifications