Dimitolo Aircraft Technology s.r.l.

Fire extinguisher

Since 1988 Dimitolo Aircraft Technology Srl has been the Italian Representative of Percival Aviation Ltd, which  distributes  ‘Fire Fighting Enterprises’ fire extinguishers.

Thanks to years of experience, our company has supplied technical and commercial assistance for the installation of the hand fire extinguishers by our customers, on several models of helicopters and aircrafts.

The extinguishing agent in the equipment we provide is Halon 1211 (BCF) and available extinguishers sizes are:

  • 0,7 kg
  • 1,2 kg
  • 1,5 kg
  • 2,5 lbs

In order to guarantee lightness and resistance the cylinders are made of aluminium (seamless cylinder)

estintori1   estintori2

We can also supply the relevant brackets, whose dimensions may vary according the fire extinguisher’s size, as well as the relevant spare parts as handles, triggers, labels, disc indicator etc.

Dimitolo Aircraft Technology Srl guarantees each equipment is provided with the proper certification released by the Airworthiness Authority.

Fire extinguishers can be fitted with a special discharge hose , in order to protect the avionic part on board and all hardly accessible zones, as cargo compartments.


We can provide fire extinguishers expressly designed for toilet, which can be fitted to every kind of aircraft.