Dimitolo Aircraft Technology s.r.l.


Dimitolo Aircraft Technology Srl  guarantees that our company is focused on the customer’s needs and on customer’s satisfaction through a series of activities as:

  • A careful selection of certified Suppliers and Manufacturers, which are subject to annual evaluation monitoring their performance, in order to guarantee the maximum quality of the supplied products;
  • Strict control of all the phases composing our activity, governed by defined procedures establishing how the supply iter of the product is handled
  • Selection of qualified staff, constantly subject to training both theoretical (by external specialized companies and also internal) and practical: this enables the constant growth of the staff skills and knowledge;
  • Strict control of the product, including its identification and traceability during all phases of the supply
  • Constant communication and co-operation with Suppliers and Customers to assure high standard quality during all phases of our service;
  • Constant updating of our operational procedures according to our company needs and to the regulations in force;
  • Acknowledgement of the updating on international quality norms and aircraft/aerospace international norms.


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